A Brief Introduction to Klynt – Part 1: Just an Idea


At Honkytonk (Klynt’s young mother), we have always liked to get our hands on new creative and productive tools. For me, it all started a couple of years ago with cubase, photoshop, finalcut, Indesign, flash and so on. I also remember a quite recent time when I would spend hours testing new software / engines for building websites (wordpress, joomla, drupal…), managing and creating communities (myspace, secondlife, facebook, ning, twitter…), hosting videos (daily, youtube, videoegg – remember ?, vimeo…).

Yet nothing about interactive storytelling (I mean using Keynote to build Journey to the End of Coal narrative was fun but, well… not a thrill).

So here we are with Klynt, a software in between Clint Eastwood and Klimt, Final Cut and the world wide web. A flash application we have been dreaming from the start to create interactive storytelling.

Now, we are anxious to tell you more. We certainly will. There is nothing more than making a long story short they say.

@ArnaudDressen @HonkytonkFilms