Since the global financial breakdown, the EU has to tackle the consequences of a crisis that is far from over and that puts the political and social cohesion of Member States and the currency union at risk.

Faced with this emergency, what can MEPs do to reverse the trend?

This web documentary is an insight into the European parliament, behind closed doors. From Brussels to Strasbourg, from informal meetings to plenary sessions, we follow MEP Pervenche Berès, rapporteur of the 
special committee on the financial, economic and social crisis. Her goal: to reach a compromise between the different political groups all the while finding a sustainable recovery plan.

During these days, we accompany her and try to understand the work of European deputies. We share their reactions as well as the negotiations in “off camera” moments right up to the plenary vote of the final report.

This interactive documentary invites the audience to think about the existing political power of the European parliament and its role in the construction of a social and stable European democracy.


Director: Samuel Bollendorff & Olivia Colo
Executive Producer: Arnaud Dressen
Interactive Producer: Guillaume Urjewicz
Editing: Samuel Bollendorff & Xavier Mutin
Sound Design: Frédéric Blin
Artistic Direction & Flash design: Romain Glé
Interactive Programming (Klynt): David Estraillier & Thibaut Muller
Production Manager: Sarah Trévillard
Interactive Editing Platform: Klynt
Produced by France Télévisions (Curiosphere.tv)
Executive Production: Honkytonk Films
With the support of the European Parliament

More information: download Press kit (pdf)


Rapporteur de Crise – inside video clip