El secreto de la luz
El secreto de la luz
El secreto de la luz
El secreto de la luz
A Glimpse of Ecuador in the 20th century as documented by Swedish
explorer, Rolf Blomberg. His rich memoirs, films, photographs and
illustrations shed the light into his impressive legacy and solely make
up this documentary film. Blomberg first arrived to study the Galapagos
Islands in 1934; following numerous journeys, he eventually set his
headquarters in Quito. His unique exploration of Ecuador resulted in a
thrilling and intricate body of work. Reviewing it today draws an
unprecedented portrait of a country where ancestral cultures and modern
desires intertwine.
dir: Rafael Barriga, Mafe Ortega
prod Klynt: Juan Pablo Urgilés de IMAN transmedia


El secreto de la luz

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