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Explore the Power of Interactive Storytelling.

Edit Rich Narratives

  • Mixed Media Editing
  • Texts, images, audios, videos and hyperlinks
  • Multiple Interactive Layers
  • Manage unlimited story nodes
  • Visual Storyboard
  • Edit your storyboard like a mind map

Connect Your Story To The Web

  • Mash-up Ready
  • Mix Youtube videos, iframe any web content
  • Social Networks Friendly
  • Engage with Tumblr Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin
  • Custom Maps
  • Geolocalize your content

Publish Anywhere

  • Quick Publishing
  • Automatically export your final edit
  • Embeddable Anywhere
  • Show your program on any webpage
  • Tablet Devices Compatible
  • Fully customizable HTML5 Player. Responsive. Open Source.

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They Chose Klynt


Our user community gathers creative professionals working for some of today's most prestigious NGOs, media portals and training organizations.
With Klynt, they are exploring new narrative formats to tell engaging news reports, travel diaries, biopics, educational, experimental content…

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