Augmented Video Experiences

Use a visual map or timeline to help your viewers navigate within your video.

Let them jump directly to a specific segment or pause to pull in additional information about key story points and dive deeper into the rich history surrounding the story.

Beautiful & Engaging Visual Menus

Illuminate content or trigger video or sound playback on user mouse-over to attract attention.

Play with split-screen visual interfaces weaving text with stills, video and audio together.



Immersive Home Page

Call-it a landing page, home page, starting sequence : the first 7 seconds are key to stimulate action.

Make it insightful and unique with full-screen video background loops to create a sense of wonder.



Playful Infographics

Enrich your story using maps,diagrams, mindmaps, dataviz or timelines. Let your audience unveil details, trace connections and encounter your material at their own pace.

Embed external ressources from the web using other great tools such as Timeline.js, mapbox.com or infogr.am.


News investigation, Travel Diaries, Biopics, Educational or Experimental,
explore the power of interactive storytelling.

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