Introducing Wonda
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Explore new possibilities with new creative software dedicated to Virtual Reality and Immersive Learning.

Why VR? Well, there is little doubt virtual reality will radically change the way we share our knowledge, stories and experiences.

Many compare this new technological shift with the rise of mobile phones in the early 2000s. Some dare to argue VR will become something more than (just) a new medium and could scale to be a “new realm of consciousness”.

First and foremost, we love how VR relates to the origins of cinema, to something French film critic André Bazin once referred to as “Total Cinema” back in the 50s.

VR devices are now small enough you can carry them with you and turn your mobile into a great little interactive movie theater. The screen disappears into the image almost completely. The Camera moves so naturally with the user’s view it could not be more intuitive. The sensation of “being there” is real. It is just mind blowing.

Be it for news, education, health, tourism, advertising… there is no lack of interesting potential. And this is happening now: millions of VR headsets have been already shipped in the last few months alone.

On the storytelling side of things, possibilities are extraordinary. Authors face a new set of rules to play by. The grammar of photography, film-making and non-linear narrative gets way richer. And the time seems right to grasp this new technology, be creative and make something meaningful out of it.
In the same spirit that we have explored interactive storytelling since our debuts, we literally jumped into live action VR and spent the last few months working on a new dedicated Edition.

And we cannot wait to hear your feedback and see what you can come up with!


The Klynt Team

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