KlyntProject Roundup #KlyntMade

We are incredibly excited very proud of the work produced by the Klynt community.

Take a glimpse at these inspiring projects published with a special 30” video walkthroughs and let us know what you think!

Handmade Stories (FRANCE)

Let’s start by congratulating the team for their design award at FDI!

Julien Champarnaud and Claire Pesqueux tell the story of those who stayed faithful to their cultural heritage by maintaining their traditional craftsmanship.

Using subtle visual and sound interactive design, the authors pay a beautiful tribute to the women portrayed in this interactive documentary.

See how: http://www.handmade-stories.com/

The Man Who Sells Samosa (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES)

The hardest part in making any interactive documentary is often finding the simplest structure. Less is more, right? Well, producer Hassan Kiyany’s storytelling workshop participants seem to have mastered the idea with this project.

Over the course of this 5-minute video portrait, the fimmaker lets the viewer choose between a face-to-face with the main protagonist and narrator, and a plunge into the colorful aesthetics and lively ambiance of Dubai.

Here is how: http://www.kiyany.com/samosa

The Hobby Between Us (CANADA)

Toronto-based studio Battle for Kettle shows us some of their creative know-how with this original project about love and relationships. From Cuba to Turkey, creative director Fusun Uzun asked kite surf enthusiasts to share their passion for their significant other and their favourite sport.

Enjoy the ride with this beautifully crafted interactive video essay made with great care for clean graphic interfaces and user-friendly experience.


**BONUS: Finding Santa (USA / CANADA)

Let’s finish this (non-exhaustive) list of projects with this short video game created by New-York based video production agency Kicker Interactive.

A la “where is Charlie” style. Well done.