A Brief Introduction to Klynt – Part 2: What it Takes


First Klynt 2009 prototype (extract from notice created for Lord Chris Marker…)

So here we are with Klynt official V1 realease, almost a year ago after we launched the revamp of the app, from an in-house prototype tool to a versatile, professional app.

We have worked hard – almost 4500 hours to be precise in 2010 alone – to reach this first release that is loaded with creative features and a  brand new interface design.

When I say hard, I mean it. I still have a limited experience in software development but I have witnessed that when you mix the whole idea of agile development with documentary production stuff and fluctuent realities,  you can create a quiet extraordinary working environment. To say the least.

So I would first like to thank both the engineers, the authors, friends, partners, interns, consultants, institutions and clients who had faith in the project from the beginning. We have definitely come a long way already. And, well, we would like to thank you in public (private party coming soon too…stay tuned) with our deepest regards.

To Faith!