Ingrid Kopp interview @ Colombia 3.0 !

On September 3rd, a day of conferences was dedicated to transmedia at Colombia 3.0, a three-day event about the evolution of digital contents which took place in Bogotá. Many transmedia specialists such as Jeff Gomez (Starlight Runner Entertainment), Ivan Askwith or Alison Norrington were speakers that day. Klynt was there and had the chance to interview Ingrid Kopp, director of digital initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute, one of the most exciting and innovative production structure of worldwide interactive documentaries !

Transmedia panel in Bogotá: Jeff Gomez, Alison Norrington, Ivan Askwith, Ian Ginn, Ingrid Kopp, Pierre-Alexandre Labelle, Caitlin Burns and event organizer Jaime Tenorio.

In this 20 min SoundCloud interview below, Ingrid Kopp, director of digital initiatives at the Tribeca Film Institute, discusses interactive documentaries and transmedia issues, such as “filmmaking as user experience design”, the social change expectations and she talks about the TFI new projects.

Thank you Ingrid !

Interview by Simon.

Watch Ingrid Kopp’s talk at Colombia 3.0


Bonus (for Spanish-speaking folks :)

Listen to Jaime Tenorio, organizer of this transmedia event at Colombia 3.0.

Listen to Mauricio Wills, art director/graphic designer, and Hector Ulloque, documentary film maker, two Colombians who attended the conference and talk about their projects.