Introducing Klynt 3 Video Plugins


Today, we are are really happy to announce our latest additions to Klynt 3 feature list with a special Vimeo Pro & Brightcove integration!

As it turns out, Vimeo Pro is considered by many as one of the greatest solutions to host videos for freelancers and companies. Test it now with our dedicated Vimeo Pro plugin that is FREE with Klynt Pro Edition until February 28.

Meanwhile,  if you are a lucky one working for a big company, chances are they are using a more corporate type solution like Brightcove or say Kaltura or Ooyala. These are great solutions too and that’s why we made it possible for you to fully connect your project with these solutions as well if you choose our brand new Entreprise Edition.

Download Klynt 3.1 and check out the release notes. And do not forget to let us know what you think!

Need more info about Klynt 3? Click here for an overview.